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3 Coveted Functions for Today’s Evolving Kitchen

Gourmet Coffee

Making coffee at home certainly isn’t a new concept, but there has been a significant increase in at-home coffee consumption1 since the start of the pandemic. But people aren’t settling for just any cup of Joe — they’re after the high-end variety. Jim Watson, senior beverage analyst at Rabobank, told CNN Business “Even during a time of recession, the higher-end at-home coffee purchases could have some staying power.”

With more people working from home, it makes sense they would try to make the same type of coffee they would have purchased on the way into the office. Drip and espresso machines as well as coffee subscriptions can give people the cafe-quality coffee they once only got from leaving their home. With the JennAir RISE 60cm Built-In Coffee System, for instance, homeowners can be their own baristas, making expertly crafted espresso or gourmet frothed milk cappuccinos right from their kitchens.

Designating kitchen space for coffee prep would be an appealing feature to potential homeowners. Here are some things to keep in mind when including an area for coffee in the kitchen:

  • Consider arranging this space outside of the kitchen’s core work area so coffee can be made without getting in the way of the chef.
  • Include open shelves or wall hooks for mug storage and extra drawers or shelves for items such as beans, filters and measuring tools.
  • Consider designing this area near a water line, which would be needed for equipment such as espresso machines.
  • Add a smaller prep sink, which would be extremely convenient for those homeowners using pour-overs or drip coffee machines, allowing them to get water without having to go to the main kitchen sink

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