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3 Emerging Demographics that are Changing Home Buying

Unmarried Couples

Unmarried couples looking to buy houses are on the rise. According to NAR3, unmarried buyers make up 9% of the home buying market. Millennials make up the majority of this demographic, with 21%4 of younger, unmarried millennial couples buying homes.

Most unmarried couples moving into a new home together have three main priorities5 when purchasing a house:

  • Outdoor space: This is a feature growing among this demographic because they want a place to relax and many own dogs.
  • Tech and energy-saving features: Many unmarried couples looking for homes grew up in the digital world and want homes that have up-to-date technology.
  • Customization: A house that is able to adapt as the couple grows and changes is a crucial element in an unmarried couple’s search.

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