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3 Trending Terms You Need to Know for 2021 Projects


In early 2020, many had to adjust to working from home, and the percentage of those permanently working remotely is expected to double4 in 2021, increasing the need for a home office. However, not all homes have a dedicated office space. And so, the term “cloffice” was born.

“Cloffice” is one of the biggest trends on Pinterest5 this year, and describes the blending of an office and closet space. Also being called “Zoom Rooms,” they offer a private space to take calls, join video conferences, etc. Built-in closet shelves can allow homeowners to personalize the space as they see fit, using the shelves to organize work from home essentials instead of sweaters. Soundproofing has also become more of a need6 with people participating in virtual meetings, and would be an attractive add-on to any closet space.

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