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Best 36-Inch Professional Gas Ranges for 2020 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

You are probably baffled by the amount of selection for a 36-inch professional range.

They have evolved since their creation in 1990.

You now have a choice of very simple, yet powerful ranges like a BlueStar or Miele and JennAir with more residential features such as sealed burners, self-cleaning, and timer functions.

It’s a decision that seems to paralyze people before they visit us. Back when I was selling these (yes, they had ranges even back then), I could often sense the anxiety of people not wanting to buy the wrong expensive range.

Let me help you out – there is no one best range for every feature.

Contrary to many manufacturers’ marketing departments and other websites saying every range is great.

That’s not true. You can easily make a mistake.

yale-appliance-36-inch-pro-gas-rangeBest 36-Inch Professional Ranges at Yale Appliance in Boston

The best professional (pro) range for you and your family depends on how you cook. Understanding how you cook or how you’ll use the range is the only way to pick out the best range and be happy with your purchase.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you like to bake or broil?
  2. Do you like a powerful burner or a more cleanable one?
  3. Are you buying this for the griddle or grill?

If you don’t know, it’s ok. You will learn the differences between all the best pro ranges like JennAir, Thermador, Wolf, BlueStar, and Miele.

Reliability will also be a part of this analysis. Yale log ged 35,256 service calls just last year and well over 100,000 over the past three years.

First, we will explain the difference between all gas and dual fuel ranges. They are not only different ovens, but manufacturers have a different approach to both as well.

This is a thorough article at almost 2600 words. You can read each section or flip to the parts of interest.

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Dual Fuel Vs. All Gas Professional Ranges


Dual fuel is a dryer, more precise heat. It is better for baking. Straight gas is moister and better for roasting and broiling.


There is a huge difference in broiling with gas or dual fuel. Most of the gas pro ranges have an infrared broiler. It’s a more concentrated, direct heat than a regular gas broiler.

Many commercial-style broilers are infrared as are the sear elements in professional grills. Here is a video explaining how it works in a grill.

Infrared Heat Vs. Gas Heat [VIDEO]

So the differences between an infrared broiler and an electric broiler are substantial with infrared being way better.

Self Cleaning

Every dual fuel range is self-cleaning, but less than half of all gas ranges have a self-cleaning option.

Cooking Programs

Wolf and Miele also upgraded their dual fuel ranges. Miele has its MasterChef guided cooking program with push-button control.

Wolf and Miele 36-Inch Professional Dual Fuel Ranges

They also added steam assist in baking bread and caramelized foods. You have 17 automatic programs to bake bread. If you like California sourdough, for example, there is an option to bake it automatically.


Twin-ConvectionTwin Convection Oven Circulates Hot Air for Better Heat Distribution and Even Cooking

Wolf has twin convection for more even heat in their dual fuel than one fan in all gas. Both fans are thermostatically controlled and work independently based on temperature. The BTU output on the burners is higher in dual-fuel than all gas at 20,000 BTU vs. 15,000 BTU output.

Let’s look at the best all gas brands.

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Best 36-Inch Professional Gas Ranges for 2020

BlueStar Platinum 36-Inch Professional Range BSP366B – $8,795 

BlueStar Platinum 36-Inch Professional Range

BlueStar RNB Series 36-Inch Pro Range RNB364CBV2 – $7,295

BlueStar RNB Series 36-Inch Professional Range

BlueStar specializes in all-gas ranges. They only manufacture all gas ranges in five different series.

The top two – the Platinum and RNB series –  are their most popular ranges by far – and look the same.

BlueStar Professional Ranges

The BlueStar Platinum is more powerful with a 25,000 BTU max output versus a still extremely hot 22,000 for the RNB.

It also has the pure convection or heat blown in from the rear for a more even heat, whereas the BlueStar RNB is regular convection.

On the other hand, the RNB has the integrated grill or griddle, whereas the Platinum is just burners with an add on reversible grill/griddle.

Hallmarks of a BlueStar Professional Gas Range:

1. Open Burners

Open burners could be good or bad, depending on personal preference. Open allows for better heat output, which is good.

BlueStar Pro Range Open BurnersBlueStar Open Burner on a Professional Range

The cleanability is mixed. If you spill a lot, you have to clean both the top and underneath. On a sealed burner, it stays on the top.

However, you can remove all the parts of the range and clean at the sink instead of scouring at the range.

2. Color Options

BlueStar-36-Inch-Pro-RangeBlack Custom Color BlueStar Professional Range at Yale Appliance in Boston

Last year BlueStar had 750 colors as well as eight trim accent packages. This year you now have 1000 colors and ten accent packages. You can also customize as well.

In terms of having a unique range, BlueStar’s ranges can be any color imaginable.

Thermador Pro Grand 36-Inch Professional Range PRG366WG – $8,099

Thermador Pro Grand 36-Inch Professional RangeThermador is a premium appliance brand presently owned by Bosch. They are best known for their star-shaped burner ( for better pan coverage) and great packages with free dishwashers and hoods with qualifying purchases.

Pro Grand Vs. Harmony Professional Ranges

Thermador Pro Grand Vs. Thermador Harmony 36-Inch Professional Range

Thermador manufacturers two styles of gas ranges – their Pro Grand Series and their Harmony Series. The Thermador Pro Grand Series is Thermador’s premium all-gas range.

Added Features:

A clock, a 22,000 BTU burner Vs. eighteen thousand in the Harmony, a proof mode for baking bread, and a bigger oven based on depth.

You can also buy an induction set of burners on the Pro Grand. Induction is by far the best for simmering and speed.

The Thermador Pro Grand gas range is also self-cleaning and about $1500-2000 more expensive.

However, the Harmony is more popular because it sits flush in the cabinet, whereas the ProGrand protrudes by 3 inches.

Hallmarks of a Thermador Professional Gas Range:

1. Star Burner

Star-Burner-Flame-LowThermador Star Burner on a Professional Range 

Their Star Burner is raised, so it’s the easiest to clean. Their simmer is the best for gas at 100 BTU. The output was all 18,000 at one time. Last year half the burners were reduced to 15,000 BTU.

2. Wi-Fi

You can control your range through an app on your phone. Thermador also integrates recipes as well as your ability to change temperature and turn your range on or off remotely. 

Wolf 36-Inch Professional Gas Range GR366 – $6,280 

Wolf 36-Inch Professional Gas Range (1)

Wolf is a premium appliance brand owned by Sub-Zero. Wolf is traditionally known for red knobs and their dual-stack burners.

Hallmarks of a Wolf Professional Gas Range:

1. Infrared Broiler, Grill, & Griddle

Wolf has the hottest infrared broiler along with an excellent infrared grill and griddle.

2. Simmer Performance

Their simmer is also one of the best. Thermador has an intermittent simmer on two burners. Wolf simmers a bit higher at 500 BTU on all burners.

Their output at 15,000 BTU per burner is a bit less than the other pro ranges on the list.

JennAir Rise 36-Inch Professional Gas Range JGRP436HL – $6,199

JennAir Rise 36-Inch Professional Gas Range

JennAir is the premium appliance brand owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. In 2018, JennAir updated their whole line with two designs – the Rise and the Noir. 

JennAir Rise & Noir 36-Inch Professional Gas Range

Hallmarks of a JennAir Professional Gas Range:

First, it’s styled well.

On the top, it is powerful for a pro range with three 20,000 BTU burners, two 18, 000, and a 9,000 BTU. The grill is now infrared at 16,000, the same as Wolf.

Their griddle is coated with chromium and is simple to clean. How simple? Wipe down simple.

JennAir-Chromium-Griddle-Pro-RangeJennAir Chromium Griddle on a Pro Range at Yale Appliance in Boston

For the oven, there is twin convection for more even heat.

Their whole Wi-Fi experience is the best. It has tie-ins with Yummly (also owned by Whirlpool) with recipes designed to enhance your cooking experience.

This is a competitive range. However, their App experience is not rated well. Then again, it is new.

Miele 36-Inch Professional Gas Range HR1136 – $7,299

Miele 36-Inch Professional Gas Range

Miele is a family-owned appliance company out of Germany. They are known for their attention to detail and meticulous quality control.

To achieve this, they produce almost every part of their appliances, whereas most will outsource to other companies.

Miele is best known for its cleaning products (dishwashers, laundry, and vacuum cleaners). However, they are a tough competitor in the cooking category as well.

Hallmarks of a Miele Professional Gas Range:

Miele has self-cleaning dual convection like JennAir as well as an infrared grill and griddle like Wolf with decent controls.

The grates and racks are the simplest to clean. You can even place them in your dishwasher.

Miele’s burners are half powerful at 19,500 and a half not powerful at 9,000 and 8000 BTU. The grill, griddle, and broiler are infrared.

Miele’s downside is no Wi-Fi. It’s odd for such a progressive company. Then again, neither is Wolf. BlueStar will probably never be.

Their reliability is also an issue with minor problems.

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Which 36-Inch Professional Gas Range Should You Buy?

Professional-Gas-Ranges-at-Yale-Appliance-in-Hanover-1Professional Gas Ranges at Yale Appliance in Hanover

Your range choice will really depend on what you value. 

Most Reliable: Thermador 

Most reliable pro range is Thermador, followed closely by JennAir and Wolf. Miele and BlueStar had more service, but it is minor burner repair.

Most Reliable Professional Gas Ranges for 2020

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Miele 15 21 71.4%
BlueStar 30 42 71.4%
Wolf 50 307 16.3%
JennAir 15 103 14.6%
Thermador 53 430 12.3%
Grand Total 163 903 18.1%

Wolf may be the most impressive. Most of their range sales are larger 36, 48, and 60-inch sizes, yet the repair percentage is comparable to Thermador’s more widely sold 30 and 36-inch units.

Best for Style & Color: BlueStar and JennAir

BlueStar-Professional-Range-Custom-Color-OptionBlueStar Professional Range in Custom Blue

Traditionally, pro-style ranges were manufactured to look like restaurant ranges. They were big, bulky, and stainless—some people style like that. Ask someone about Wolf. They will reply to red knobs.

Bluestar is the clear winner just due to the endless custom color and trim combinations you can choose.

You can design your range to be truly yours to match your personal style and preference. Want orange with brass trim? You can do that only with BlueStar.

JennAir is a beautiful range. Then again, that is just an opinion.

Best High Burner Power: BlueStar and JennAir

BlueStar UltraNova High Output BurnerBlueStar High Output 25,000 BTU UltraNova Burner on a Pro Range

There are benefits and drawbacks to buying a range with an open burner. Open burners will almost always be more powerful than sealed burners.

BlueStar’s 25,000 BTU UltraNova Burner is the hottest on the market, ideal for high heat cooking. BlueStar’s burner design is also perfect for a round-bottomed wok.

For a sealed burner, Thermador’s star-shaped 22,000 BTU burner is the highest single burner, but JennAir has the total output.

Best Simmer Performance: Wolf and Thermador

thermador-simmer-burner-melting-chocolateThermador Star Burner with Low Simmer 

If you value having a low simmer to melt chocolate, Wolf and Thermador have the best burners for simmering. Wolf has a dual-stack burner or two gas ports to every Wolf burner.

When you want to simmer, you ignite a simmer port completely independent of that burner’s high heat capability. This creates a lot of variation in Wolf’s simmer performance on any burner.

Thermador’s simmer performance is intermittent and technically the lowest. At Thermador’s lowest setting, the flame will ignite and then go out and ignite again.

Thermador Pro Grand with the induction burner is probably the best, but it isn’t popular. Induction doesn’t have a flame extinguishing at a low temperature and can simmer the lowest of any type.

Best Grill & Griddle: Miele, JennAir, and Wolf

Miele kitchen at yale appliance in hanoverMiele Professional Range with Griddle Accessory at Yale Appliance in Hanover

All use an infrared gas grill and griddle for faster, more intense heat. Infrared is better than regular gas for cleaning as well because it evaporates the drippings.

Why not BlueStar? Because it is straight gas, so it diffuses heat. That’s not great for grilling or cleaning.

Honorable Mention: JennAir

The JennAir griddle is a chromium and the easiest to clean.

Best for Self-Cleaning: Thermador, JennAir, Miele

These ranges have self-cleaning modes. The others do not.

Best for Oven Performance: BlueStar 

Bluestar Platinum Pro Range OvenBlueStar Platinum Oven Live at Yale Appliance in Boston

BlueStar’s Power Oven is arguably the best gas oven on the market pro or regular. It is known for speedy preheat time, quick cook time, and even oven temperature due to the air being blown from the back.

Honorable Mention: Miele and JennAir

Both have twin convection for even more heat distribution.

Best Broiler: Wolf

An infrared broiler on a gas range is the best broiler-type for intense high heat. Many have the infrared, but Wolf is the hottest at 18,000 BTU.

Best for Value: JennAir

JennAir has some of the best package options in the industry. They also offer two 20,000 BTU burners, self-cleaning, and a built-in timer for a relatively low price. They also have Wi-Fi and the latest styling.

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Key Takeaways

First, there is no one best range.

However, there is one probably best for you and your particular style of cooking.

So before you go online or go to your local appliance store, take some time and understand how you currently cook.

Do you bake or broil?

Do you want a more powerful burner or an easier to clean range?

Answering these questions will help you choose the best range for you.

Also, service can be a problem with more specialized products like pro ranges. Inquire before you buy or at least way before your next Thanksgiving dinner.

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