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Casa Bertazzoni Melbourne marks one year since official opening

It has been one year since the official opening of Casa Bertazzoni Melbourne with the Bertazzoni family joined by architects, commercial developers and members of the media for the launch.

Following the success of subsidiaries around the world, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, France and Scandinavia, the Bertazzoni family believes that having direct control and input into the execution of products in a marketplace delivers results, Bertazzoni Australia general manager, George Alikakos said at the official opening event.

“After providing that guidance indirectly over 17 years in conjunction with a number of different entities, the new subsidiary now permits the brand to have a consistent and uniform message and aligns the Australian business alongside the other successful countries around the world.”

Photo Credit: Aaron Walker Photography

Appliance Retailer spoke to Bertazzoni director of style and communication, Valentina Bertazzoni in Italy this week via video interview and she shared the following message to the company’s Australian retail partners.

“We are fully supportive of the Australian market, our retail partners and customers. We see our market growing in Australia and this is thanks to our new built-in appliances that were introduced into the market this year.

“It has already been one year since the opening of Casa Bertazzoni Melbourne. It was a big event and we are very proud to have Casa Bertazzoni Melbourne open and running.

“I hope to be back in Australia soon.”

Appliance Retailer caught up with Valentina via Zoom to receive this commentary. Watch our interview here

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