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Eurolinx completes renovation to Sydney showroom

Eurolinx has completed a re-design of its Sydney showroom and national headquarters in Leichhardt to coincide with the launch of the new range of ILVE Professional Plus built-in ovens, freestanding cookers and the updated Nostalgie and Majestic series’.

According to Eurolinx marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio, the new-look showroom provides the opportunity to emphasise the complete range of products available under the new agency arrangement.

“This has provided us with the opportunity to re-organise the layout of the showroom, which now features the flagship three 150cm cookers close to the entrance from three different series within the ILVE brand – Nostalgie, Majestic and Professional Plus.”

Eurolinx has also added a new black glass and stainless steel range of Professional Plus built-in ovens in the key product sizes of 45cm, 60cm, 80cm and 90cm.

“The TFT control panel featured on the Majestic range is now available on the Professional Plus built-in products – that also feature thermostats up to 300°C as well as a completely new user interface.”

The first 45cm built-in is an Ultra Combi three-in-one featuring steam cooking, microwave cooking and conventional cooking methods, while the other is a multi-function oven with a dedicated pizza mode that can cook up to 400°C producing a pizza every 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Also in the range are a 60cm, 80cm and 90cm oven available in either stainless or black glass and a warming drawer will complete the range set to be released to market by March 2021.

“There has been huge demand for the 80cm built-in product for our replacement market, and after a brief transition at the factory, we have decided to bring this unique size back into the range.”

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