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Glem Gas MD says trading is above expectations

Glem Gas managing director, David Gilmore said the business started the pandemic quite nervously as there was uncertainty about the future both short-term and long-term, but growth quickly rebounded and trading has been tracking well ever since, he told Appliance Retailer in a recent video interview.

“When our factories closed, we were concerned about shipments and how it would impact our business globally,” he said.

“Our sales teams were put on shorter weeks, we reduced working hours for staff, and we prepared for what we thought may be a drastic slowdown for the business.

“Initially, there was a bit of a slowdown, but it quickly bounced back – people were spending more time at home and cooking more – so growth picked up. From the start of this month, all of our employees came back to the office full-time and the company is trading well.”

When asked about supply, Gilmore said: “We are good at ‘just in time’ all of a sudden, and sometimes just a little too late, but most of our supply has been good. We haven’t had a terrible out of stock situation and we have more shipments coming in from both Italy and Asia. Overall, the business has been okay with stock.”

Appliance Retailer caught up with David via Zoom to receive this commentary. Watch our interview here.

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