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How to Make the Best Use of Your Warming Drawer

Many modern homes have a stove with a warming drawer, but this is often a surprise for many stove owners. In many cases, homeowners use that little drawer underneath the oven for storing cookie sheets or skillets, but there is more to this drawer than storage space. So, here we’ll explore how you can make the best use of your warming drawer.

Warm Your Dishware

Serving hot food on cold plates is just asking for a lukewarm meal. Using a warm plate will help you to keep your food hot, maintaining flavors and consistency. A warming drawer allows you to keep your bowls and plates nice and toasty. On chilly days, you can even keep your mugs in the warming drawer, so your morning cup of coffee or tea is even cozier.

Save a Missed Meal

Whether the kid’s football practice ran late or you need to drop everything to run to the store before it closes, you don’t need to allow your meal to spoil. Sometimes your family dinner plans don’t go as you hope, but this doesn’t mean you need to settle for a cold meal that has been sitting out. Just put your skillet, serving dish or crock pot in the warming drawer, and your meal will stay ready to eat and fresh for the rest of the evening.

Make Your Food Prep Easier

Family get together and holiday parties can mean that you spend hours in the kitchen whipping up tasty treats. Getting the timing perfect on a number of dishes can be a little tricky. After all, you don’t want your soup to get cold, while you’re cooking the meat in the oven. A warming drawer can provide the ideal solution. Rather than struggling to make all your dishes at the same time or allow dishes to go cold on your countertop, you can ensure that your finished dishes stay warm until you’re ready to serve. You can alleviate the stress of perfect timing and wow your guests with your culinary skills.

Get Perfect Dough Rise

If you love the idea of making homemade pizza or freshly baked bread, then a warming drawer is a fantastic tool in your cooking arsenal. Rather than taking up countertop space and wondering about the ambient temperature, you can place the bowl in your warming drawer with a container of hot water. This will not only avoid contaminants or your dough being compromised by curious pets on the countertop, but you can also maintain a more consistent temperature for a greater rise. A warming drawer will also allow you to preheat your oven, ready to bake your loaf or pizza base to perfection.

Warm Towels

The benefits of warming drawers don’t need to be restricted to the kitchen. If you love the idea of warm towels, slippers or bathrobes, you can have a warming drawer that is specially designed for another area of your home. This can allow you to feel warm and toasty on even the coolest days, as you come out of the bath or shower. Just be sure that you check that your warming drawer is labeled as suitable for bathroom use, before you try warming your towels. Warming drawers designed for kitchen use often get far too hot to heat fabric safely.

A warming drawer creates a world of possibilities in your home. From accommodating a busy schedule to ensuring you feel more comfortable on a cold day, a good quality warming drawer can make your life far more convenient.

If you would like to upgrade your oven to include a warming drawer, you can explore your options with this online collection or speak to an appliance specialist for further help and guidance.

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