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The Best Home Deep Fryer Reviews

Chicken tenders fried in a deep fryer.

If you want to fry up great food but don’t want to make a huge mess in the kitchen or risk getting splattered with grease, you may want to consider a home deep fryer. Not only does a home deep fryer cook foods conveniently, it is much more accurate and consistent than other methods too because the temperature can be regulated.

America has had a love affair with fried food ever since the nation began. But frying in oil can be dangerous and messy as well. Plus, it can be tricky. The invention of the home deep fryer has made frying safe, accurate and even enjoyable though and that’s why many swear by their home deep fryer appliance.

The Best Chart For Home Deep Fryers

Since the invention of the home deep fryer, it has continued to evolve. Many changes and improvements have been made on the device. There are a number of home deep fryers on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. Some are basic units while others have added features. Some fry consistently, time after time delivering a great product that is crispy on the outside and flavorful on the inside. Some, however, do not perform so well. So which is the best? The chart that we have prepared for you (above) will help guide you in finding which home deep fryer best suits your needs.

What is a Home Deep Fryer?

A home deep fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by submerging it into hot fat, like oil. The high temperature of the oil cooks the food very quickly due to the extreme heat. The goal of a home deep fryer is to render a product that does not taste too greasy but is crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Most models have a basket inside of them in order to place the food in and then to lift it out after cooking. There are various types of home deep fryers including those that have such features as automatic timers, temperature controls, and filters. There is also a variety of materials they are constructed with.

How Do You Find the Best Home Deep Fryer?

The best home deep fryer fries food to perfection each and every time. Some things about a home deep fryer are basic and are shared by all, but there are those that have special features as well. In choosing a device, it is important to compare the different models to find the one that best suits what you are looking for. Below are some things to take into consideration when doing so.

  • Safety is, by far, the most important attribute when it comes to a home fryer. Frying can be a dangerous task. Not only do you risk getting burned by the hot grease, there is always the danger of starting a fire as well. Some devices are safer than others. Some have safety features and certifications; so be sure to look for those in order to reduce your risks of a cooking endeavor gone wrong.
  • Reliability is very important too. When it comes to frying food, you want your product to be crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside. There are models that will give you great results every time and there are others that don’t perform well or that are hit and miss. You want your unit to function properly and to be one that you can count on.
  • Maintenance is a big factor when owning a home deep fryer. A warranty is a good idea on any appliance, so look for models that insure their product. The goal, however, is for one to not need any repairs. Another thing to consider is how easy it is to clean and what steps must be taken in order to keep it working properly.
  • Doing your homework is of utmost importance. It’s a good idea to take a look at a good number of home fryers and then narrow down those you like best. Then, compare each of those on the top of your list. Check the reviews of each and read the fine print as well. From there you can select your favorite based upon your likes and needs.
  • Buying a home deep fryer is an important investment. If you are planning to hang on to it for a while, you will want to see if spare parts are available for the particular model and if so, how available they are and the price they run.

Things Worth Knowing About Home Deep Fryers

Fried food is loved by many. Why is that? Because it is delicious! But sometimes frying food is not that easy. The oil needs to be at the perfect temperature, not too cold and not too hot. If it is fried in just the right conditions, the food will turn out nice and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. But if it’s not done correctly, the food will be soggy and oily or burned.

Home deep fryers take away the guesswork. They make for the perfect conditions to fry foods in because the oil can get hot enough without splashing out, possibly causing scalds, messes, and even fires. They are a miracle for those who love to fry and for those who love to eat foods that are fried.

Frying food has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, our ancestors even fried foods. It was a method used in order to preserve meats before there were conventional refrigerators.

The first deep frying units were merely pots of grease in which the food could be dropped into. There were no fancy baskets to submerge and no temperature dials to control the heat of the oil. All that has changed dramatically though. Today, a wide array of home deep fryers are available.

The construction of a home deep frying can range from a basic glorified pot or skillet used for the intent of frying to very fancy deluxe models with knobs and gadgets and bonus features galore.

The size sets many apart. Small sizes are perfect for cooking for one or two people while a larger one will better equip a family of four or so because it can become a hassle to make continuous batches in a small one and the first batches are getting cold while the last batch is still frying. Smaller ones often hold about 4 cups while larger ones hold 12 cups and upward. A 6-cup capacity is the average.

There are ones made of cast iron and some made of stainless steel. There are oblong versions, canister types, and skillet types as well. On the inside, some have a non-stick coating. There is usually a basket that comes with the unit or at least one that can be purchased separately. Some sport a dual basket set up which is nice for cooking more than one type of food at a time.

The upscale models generally have temperature controls, thermometers, a grease drain system and an indication light that comes on when the grease is hot enough to put the food in. Some have safety features such as automatic shut-offs and other helpful add-ons and certifications. Property damage caused from fryers amounts to millions each year, not to mention injuries. So safety is one consideration that should be given when purchasing one.

Different fryers have different power capacities. There are units with higher wattage ratings that have more powerful heating elements. These tend to heat the oil up quicker and bring it up to temperature quicker too. This results in added convenience and better taste, in general.

While frying foods is nothing new, the use of modern home deep fryers is changing and improving all the time. The frying units your grandparents used are nothing like the fancy, deluxe ones of today. If you are wanting to make great fried food without the splashing grease and danger that frying used to pose, you may want to check into getting a home deep fryer.

How Much Do the Best Home Deep Fryers Cost?

There is a huge variance of price when it comes to home deep fryers. While a basic, no-frills device can cost as little as $20 to $30, a top-of-the-line model can run $350 and up. But usually the high priced ones bring a lot to the table, literally. So what you are looking for in a fryer and what size you want will greatly determine the price tag it will have on it.

What Do Our Reviews Reveal?

Presto Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

This Presto brand professional style home deep fryer features dual stainless-steel oblong baskets. Perfect for frying larger pieces of meat, this unit has an adjustable thermostat with a signal light that shows when the oil is heated enough for frying. It holds 12 cups of food.

The heating element and the enameled pot can easily be removed for a quick clean up. The device is built safe, adhering to the specifications of North American Electrical Standards. It preheats quickly and has a rapid oil temperature recovery too.

There are several frying temperatures. This deep fryer has a one-year limited warranty.

The reviews were generally good on this device. It was said to perform well and to look attractive too and a good number of them praised the fact that it has a temperature indicator

There were some negative reviews, one saying that the device has sharp edges and is cheaply made. The price tag was a big positive.

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Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

This Presto brand device is a dual-compartment bucket-style countertop electric deep fryer. It is cast in heavy-duty aluminum and features a nonstick finish so it is easy to clean. It has stay-cool handles and comes with a slotted spoon, snap-on storage lid, and even a magnetic safety cord.

This unit allows for frying two different foods at one time without mixing flavors. It is capable of making up to 8 servings. It keeps oil at the most optimal temperature automatically and operates at 1500 watts. This device measures 9 by 14 by 8-1/2 inches and carries a one-year warranty.

The reviews on this deep fryer were positive, for the most part. The unit was said to perform well. It was noted that the price was fair too.

On the negative side, the utensils it comes with were said by some to be lacking in quality such as the slotted spoon. Some mentioned that the filter was not worth the trouble and stated they just bypass it and pour the oil straight in.

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Presto GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

This Presto GranPappy model electric deep fryer is a basic black bucket-style design that is a countertop model. It has a heavy-duty cast aluminum, non-stick finish and makes for easy clean up and consistent cooking. It features skid-resistant rubber feet so it is safer than some devices that slide around.

The device operates at 1500 watts and keeps oil at optimum temperature automatically. It has a magnetic safety cord and comes with a slotted scoop spoon and a snap-on storage lid as well. It is a safe appliance, built to North American Electrical Standards.

Although most reviews on this unit were favorable, praising the convenience and durability and mentioning that it cooked well, it was noted that it tends to undercook at times such as chicken with the bone in. But, most agreed that it cooks evenly and consistently most of the time. The price was considered a positive.

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T-fal Ultimate EZ Clean Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer

This T-fal brand fryer is easy to clean and is a stainless steel immersion variety. It holds up to 2.65 pounds of food so it is a nice size for a family. It takes 3.3 liters of oil and has a basket that goes into two positions, one for cooking, and one for draining the food. There is a handy external basket handle as well.

The patented oil filtration system with automatic oil drainage system works to automatically drain and it even filters the good oil from the bad. There is an odor filtration system too so the grease does not smell up the house. There are removable parts that can be easy taken off and are dishwasher safe. The electrical parts are cannot be put in the dishwasher, however. The unit is 1,700 watts in power and carries a 1-year limited warranty.

This fryer is in the upper mid price range or the lower high range. The reviews were generally favorable in that many loved the way the unit cooked, consistently and how it looked and the extra features as well. The filtration system for the oil was a huge plus on this model.

There was mention of oil leaking out by more than one who reviewed. Overall, the consumers seemed to really like this device and the fact that it accommodates an entire family.

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National Presto Pro Fry Deep Fryer

This National Presto Brand Pro Fry is a stainless steel version. It is a great size to cook with at home with an 8-cup capacity for family-size meals. It is an 1800-watt immersion element and so it preheats quickly and has a fast temperature recovery as well. It comes complete with a versatile fry or steam basket that works well for cooking vegetables and seafood. It uses 120 volt 60 Hz only.

The basket to this device is oblong shaped and accommodates large pieces of chicken or fish. There is a signal light that indicates when the oil is heated enough for frying to begin. The heating element and the enameled pot are easy to remove for quick cleaning. There is a cover with filter that acts as a splatter shield when foods are being lowered into the unit.

The reviews on this home fryer were very good, for the most part. Praises were given for performance and for the price as well. The device was said to be dependable and that it cooked evenly and consistently.

The negative came from a reviewer who had gotten a faulty device and was going to be sending it back.

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