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The Best Soda Maker Reviews

Assorted Organic Craft Orange Soda with Cane Sugar

Do you want to add some fizz to a party or just have a fun family night? If so, you will love how a soda maker can spice up any event. A soda maker brings the nostalgia of the old soda shop right into your own home.

Soda makers are not only entertaining, they also offer a more nutritious alternative to traditional sodas in that you can make them with healthier ingredients. Soda makers are also much more economical. You will spend far less making your own sodas and save the earth as well because you won’t be throwing out countless bottles and cans. There are many soda recipes available online or you can even create your own custom drinks.

The Best Chart For Soda Makers

Many soda makers are available today that provide quality and convenience at an affordable price. Some deliver a perfect soda at your fingertips time after time. But, there are those that tend to work better than others. Which are the best bet for your buck? The chart that follows is a helpful guide that will help you in your quest to find the best soda maker for your needs.

What is a Soda Maker?

A soda maker is an appliance that carbonates water, making it fizzy. It does it all with a push of a button or, in some cases, two buttons. Simply fill the bottle with water, put it into the machine as directed and it is infused with carbon dioxide, or CO2, which accounts for the bubbly fizz. Then, a small amount of concentrated syrup can be added for flavor. Many soda makers on the market today are compact and even portable. Some operate without the use of batteries or electricity because they are powered by convenient gas canisters.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Soda Maker? 

Soda makers are entertaining and nostalgic. They are great additions to a party, wedding or even a fun family night in. Young and old alike delight in making soft drinks the old fashioned way.

Soda makers offer a more affordable way to enjoy carbonated beverages. Most sodas can be made for pennies per serving. For large events, soda makers are a true lifesaver.

When it comes to taking care of the earth, soda makers are at the top of the list. Each soda dispensed in the device means one less can or bottle.

Last but certainly not least, soda makers give you the ability to create your own drink. You can add in little or no sugar and make other changes for a more nutritional alternative to traditional sodas. There is no limit to the creative edge you can use to concoct your own signature drinks.

How Do You Find the Best Soda Makers?

The best soda makers will have a few basic things in common that you will want to compare. They will also offer different features you can look over to see which ones you would like to have on your device. The following will help you as you narrow down the best soda maker for your needs and will help you determine which are good and which are the best.

  • Safety is, for sure, something you want to watch out for in a soda maker or any appliance you intend to use. It is wise to look for such safety features as safety punch out valves for the CO2 canister.
  • Reliability is, of course, is very important. You want a soda maker to make your drink right, every time. It is vital that your device, though it may be compact in size, be durable to meet the demand you may require of it. Consistency is key. It is also nice when a warranty is offered with the small appliance.
  • A soda maker should be simple to use. The insertion of the CO2 can is one thing to keep in mind. The easier, the better. The buttons should operate with ease as well. You don’t want to have to bear down too hard on them or they won’t last. Look for models that offer ease of operation.
  • Since most soda makers these days don’t need to be plugged in or have batteries, they work via a CO2 can. It is wise to check the size, price and availability of the replacement cans and also to determine how many bottles the cans make.
  • A little research will go a long way. There are a nice variety of soda makers, each offering different features and some performing better than others. It is certainly worth spending a little time doing some comparisons so you get the perfect device for your personal needs.

Things Worth Knowing About Soda Machines

The first rendition of the soda machine was invented in 1903. It was called the “Apparatus for aerating liquids” and was the predecessor to today’s SodaStream. Reserved for the affluent and wealthy, this device added flavor to the mix in the 1920’s. By 1955, updated versions of the soda maker were made available to the general public.

Soda Makers offer fun and a touch of nostalgia to events such as birthday parties, weddings and family reunions. They are also fun for the family to enjoy, turning a boring night at home into a memory. SodaStream’s first commercial sells the fun of making soda at home, with the tagline “Get busy with the Fizzy!”

Much of choosing your device will depend on your intentions for it. If you are using it at a wedding, you will most likely want to opt for one with a larger capacity. But if it will be strictly for home use, you can most likely get away with a less expensive model that will still hold up nicely for your purposes.

The soda makers of today have come a long way from yesterday’s models. They generally do not use electricity, and therefore, require no batteries and don’t even have to be plugged in. They operate by utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) which comes in a can and is inserted into the device. This is where the machines may vary. Some soda makers come with one starter can but inevitably, you will need to purchase more. CO2 cans come in different sizes and amounts and of course, vary in price so it is good when deciding upon a certain model that you take this into consideration.

The designs of the soda makers range from plastic to stainless steel and everything in between. As a rule, the devices are priced accordingly.

The option of controlling the amount of carbonation you put into the drink is a nice feature. Especially if you like more or less than the usual amount or if you have children who you would rather use bubbles sparingly on.

The majority of the soda makers on the market come with one or two plastic bottles. There are options for BPA free plastic. Some, however, come with at least one glass bottle which is a nicety for those who prefer not to drink out of plastic. Another twist is that some devices feature the ability to lock in freshness which is a good thing considering carbonation tends to go flat fairly quickly.

If you do opt to purchase a soda maker, you will love the wide array of choices you have for flavors. Many of the units come with flavor samples which is nice so you know which you would like to purchase more of. You can a number of recipes online and many devices come with recipes. There are standard flavorings and those you can combine to make unique and even custom drinks.

The device you choose will depend a lot on how much you plan to use it and what for. Be sure to research accordingly. There are many options available and you are sure to find one that is perfect for you as long as you know what you are looking for.

How Much Do the Best Soda Maker Cost?

You can usually find a decent soda maker online, such as on Amazon, for $50 or a little less. That is for your basic, no frills, device, of course. Generally the less expensive soda makers are smaller and come with a small CO2 can which is cheaper to refill or repurchase but it does run out faster as well. The mid-priced ones run in the vicinity of $100. Some are of more durable designs and offer additional features such as a carbonation level controller. The deluxe units run $150 and upward. Many not only are made of a more durable design but are more attractive too. The higher end devices often come with flavor samples, a complimentary bottle of CO2 and other perks as well.

What Do Our Reviews Reveal?

SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

This SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit enables you to turn ordinary tap water into a delicious soft drink. The device measures 17 inches x 10 inches x 5.5 inches and comes in a handsome silver and black design. It takes a 60-liter CO2 can to operate and comes with a rebate good for one can. The soda machine makes approximately 33 cans-worth of soda, requires no batteries or electricity and is easy to clean as well. The SodaStream model has over 60 flavorings available to choose from and comes with a sample of 6.

The reviews on this soda maker were positive in general. Most found the device to work well and to be easy to use, especially for the price. A few said they didn’t care much for the SodaStream flavors but of those, some were using it to make sparkling water anyway. Some expressed concerns about refilling or replacing the CO2 cans but many stated that they got a lot of use per can so it was not an issue for them.

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KitchenAid KSS3121CU Sparkling Beverage Maker

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is a quick and convenient way to make carbonated beverages in no time. This device operates by use of 3 oz CO2 canisters so all you need to do is insert the canister and pull the lever. It requires no batteries or electricity. The kit comes with a 1-liter bottle and 3 flavor samples.

The great thing about this KitchenAid unit is that it’s powered by SodaStream, which means that all of the internal components and flavors are all compatible with regular SodaStream supplies, allowing you to enjoy the stylish design that KitchenAid is known for without sacrificing on the range and availability of consumables.

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Primo Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker Model 100

This Primo flavorstation Home Beverage Maker Model 100 by Flavorstation is perfect for those who want a more compact model and who don’t need to make a large quantity at one time. The device is powered by CO2 so no battery or electric is needed. Simply insert the can and begin. The can required is smaller than most and is a 20 liter and one is included in the purchase. The price on this model is in the low range that is attractive to many.

The reviews are fair to good on this model. The fact that the device only accepts a 0.5 liter bottle was found to be a drawback on some reviews but for others, just came with the territory when purchasing a smaller unit. Many praised the fact that the CO2 size is small, and therefore, is cheaper to fill; around $6 said one reviewer. Others are not fond of the fact it runs out of carbon dioxide faster than the ones that take the larger sized cans.

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Soda Stream Crystal Soda Maker

This Soda Stream Crystal Soda Maker is on the high end. It is an attractive design of black plastic and stainless steel. It measures 20 x 29 x 45 inches and weighs 10 pounds so it is on the larger side in comparison to many soda makers. It comes with a full 2-year warranty. The carafes are made of glass. As with most soda makers, this model does not require a battery or electricity and operates by using a CO2 can. The size it uses is 60 liters, which is mid-size.

The reviews were favorable on this machine. Some stated that for the price, it should have come with two glass containers rather than just one but others were just happy to have a device that used glass rather than plastic. Some did report instances of broken parts or non-functioning machines but most also stated that they were accommodated for their defective device.

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SodaStream Source Metal Edition Starter Kit

This SodaStream Source Metal Edition Starter Kit is on the high end but is a nice device and is designed with attractive white metal. Like most soda makers, it does not use electricity or batteries but uses CO2 instead. It takes the 60-liter cans and the starter kit includes one. A 6-flavor variety packet is also included in the package. There is a level so that the carbonation can be controlled through an LED display and also a Snap-Lock bottle that locks the carbonation in with one single twist. A 2-year warranty accompanies the product.

The reviews to this model are fairly favorable but could be better. One the positive side, the device was seen by most to be easy to assemble and easy to use as well. Some stated their disappointment that the soda maker did not actually save them money considering the price of the CO2 refills or replacements. For the price, many expected better savings. The twist lock device was a big plus as stated by many of the reviews.

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