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The Best Turkey Fryer Reviews

Garnished roasted turkey

If you love eating turkey but are tired of the traditional oven-baked bird, you may want to look into using a turkey fryer. Making a turkey with a turkey fryer is quick, easy and adds a whole new twist to a conventional dinner.

What is a so hot about a turkey fryer? A turkey fryer allows you to deep fry a turkey in minutes. It is safer and much more convenient than attempting to fry one on the stove which is next to impossible. There are many fryers on the market these days, and most do the same job, which is to fry a turkey, but models, features, performance, and price can vary greatly.

The Best Chart For Turkey Fryers

There are indeed a sea of turkey fryers that are available on the market, but they are not all created equally. Some do exactly what they are meant to do, fry a turkey in a consistent manner every time. Others partially do their job, hitting and missing and therefore ruining dinner plans and holiday events. There are devices that offer additional features to the mix and those generally go for a higher price tag but may offer bonuses that may be very important the success of your endeavor. When it comes to turkey fryers, there is much to consider so which is the best? The chart below will help you decide which are decent and which are the very best.

What is a Turkey Fryer?

A turkey fryer is a device that is, as the name implies, used for deep-frying turkey and sometimes another type of bird. It is much quicker than roasting a turkey in the oven which is the conventional way to cook one. A turkey fryer generally consists of a good-sized pot with a lid, a basket to hold the turkey, a lifter, a thermometer and a burner. The bird is placed into cooking oil when in the apparatus such as safflower oil, canola oil or peanut oil. A turkey weighing in at 15 pounds generally takes around one hour to cook.

How Do You Find the Best Turkey Fryer?

The best turkey fryer fries up a great turkey each and every time. There are some basic attributes that any good turkey fryer will have and there are also special features that only some have to offer. It is important to compare devices to be certain which of the many models best suits your need. In doing so, below are some things that are wise to consider when doing so.

  • Safety is first and foremost when it comes to choosing a turkey fryer. Especially since you will be heating up grease, it is imperative to be sure the device is safe. There are a lot of dangers with deep frying turkeys – turkey fryer fires are responsible for the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Turkey fryers with special safety devices are recommended. Even the safest apparatuses are dangerous so proceed with caution and look for safety features.
  • Reliability is of great importance when it comes to a turkey fryer. You want your turkey to be cooked thoroughly and consistently. There are many models that will do that, cook reliably, every time. But there are also those that don’t. Be sure to look for units that won’t ever ruin your dinner plans.
  • Maintenance is a big factor when owning a turkey fryer. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining it. It is good to look for units that require the least upkeep and ones that are easy to clean as well.
  • Doing your homework is imperative. Know what things are important to you and narrow down your choices. Then, take a look at what special features they all have to offer and decide which you would like to have while also comparing price. Take time to read what others have said about the ones you have at the top of your wish list.
  • Buying a turkey fryer is an investment so if you are intending to keep it for a while, it’s a good thought to see which offer a warranty and also if spare parts are readily available.

Things Worth Knowing About Turkey Fryers

Turkey Fryers offer convenience and flavor all in one. Because it is fried, the turkey skin comes out crunchy and flavorful. Inside, the meat is tender and juicy. It is a turkey-lovers dream.

Turkey Fryers got a rough and rocky start. When they began to get popular, there were some serious accidents that took place, some the fault of the unit and some were the carelessness of the one preparing the turkey. Furthermore, frying in general has had a bad rap since it was discovered that food fried in grease are damaging to the heart and other organs.

Frying foods has been a practice for hundreds of years. It was a method of cooking our ancestors often used in order to make food last longer. Something fried in the morning could make it through the entire day until the evening meal… and sometimes even longer.

So why the recent fuss? It seems that the type of oil in which the food is cooked on is a factor when it comes to health. When a turkey, or any food, is fried in good oil that has not been reused and is done so at a temperature that does not cause the turkey to oversaturate, the verdict is a much better one. And… the turkey is quite tasty too!

With units being much more safety oriented now and consumers being made more aware of the dangers that can be associated with the device, the popularity of turkey fryers has re-immerged. Many family dinners and holiday celebrations are made livelier by the turkey fryer. The mundane, customary turkey meal is turned into a burst of flavor with this method.

There are four types of turkey fryers, basically. There are the ever-popular electric ones that use grease to heat. Then there are those that run on propane and use grease to heat. And, last but not least, there are both propane and electric models that use air rather than grease to cook.

The type that is best generally depends on what you are looking for in a turkey fryer. If you are trying to eliminate oil from your diet, one of the air-operated units might be of interest. Many, however, like the propane grease heated ones so they can enjoy the oil in the mix yet there is no need to find an electrical outlet. Still others swear by the electrical grease heated devices.

When attempting to use any turkey fryer, it is of utmost importance to pay strict attention to safety measures. No matter what safety features the unit comes equipped with; it is imperative to take great caution in all phases of cooking. You will also be wise to have a back-up plan should something go wrong.

If you want to add color to your next turkey dinner, a fried bird will do exactly that. It is unexpected and delicious. So do your homework and choose the device that is best for your needs, take safety precautions and get to cooking that fabulous meal!

How Much Do the Best Turkey Fryers Cost?

There is a wide range of price in turkey fryers. There are basic, no-frill units that can be found as cheap as $50. A mid-range fryer runs around $100. Then there are models that offer bonus features or that are deluxe versions that are in the $200 price range and upwards. You generally get what you pay for so if you are looking for one with all the bells and whistles, expect to pay more for it.

What Do Our Reviews Reveal?

Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Gen III Electric Fryer Cooker

This extra-large capacity electric fryer is a Masterbuilt brand. It is an indoor version and brings to the table a certification of safety and features a design for safety as well. It is made of stainless steel on the outer side and the pot is porcelain-coated. There is a cooking basket with a drain clip in the set. The unit is able to contain a 20 pound turkey. Not only does this fryer cook a delicious turkey, it includes marinades, spices and cooking accessories too.

There is a convenient thermostat temperature control that helps to ensure you cook your bird at the exact right setting. For ease of cleaning, there is a drain valve to release the grease after use.

Many stated in reviews of this fryer that they absolutely loved it. Many made mention of the safety features and the drain port as well. The timer was praised and the fact that there was no splatter. The things that were mentioned on the negative side was that it only goes as high as 375 degrees. The short length of the electrical cord was mentioned as well.

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Bayou Classic 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

This 32-quart stainless steel turkey fryer is by Bayou Classic. This deluxe unit is a high quality outdoor pot that will boil, steam, and fry. There is a perforated basket included as well. The handles are heavy duty and the lid is vented. Along with the pot, lid and basket, also included is a hook, hook plate, three skewers, injector and a thermometer. This device sits atop a cooker to heat.

The reviews were generally favorable. The pot was praised for being sturdy, at least by most. Another feature many liked was the fact that the pot is easy to clean. Another plus was the fact that the basket does not sit on the bottom of the fryer; instead it sits on a rim, inside the pot. It was noted that the basket placement made for even and consistent cooking. It was mentioned as a negative that the pot is so large it does not fit on all cookers.

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Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer

This turkey fryer by Char-Broil features a patented technology through infrared cooking. Due to the state-of-the-art method of frying, turkeys come out crispy and juicy without cold and hot spots. This device cooks without oil so the possibility of splattering is eliminated. A cooking basket and lifter, a meat thermometer and cooking guide are all included. This device measures 24.5″H with a 21.1″ diameter and weighs 30 pounds.

The reviews for this device were positive, for the most part. One bonus that was mentioned was the fact that this fryer cooks faster than many fryers. Many stated that they used it for meats other than just turkey such as chicken and ham.

One problem that was mentioned was that if you do not assemble the device correctly like not putting the propane valve in correctly, gas can flow out. But it was also noted that the issue would be an error on the person and not the unit. It was advised in the reviews that the directions be read and followed.

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Char-Broil Big Easy TRU Infrared Smoker, Roaster, and Grill

This Char-Broil brand Big Easy device is a smoker, roaster, and grill and is infrared powered. It requires no charcoal or oil so it is a safe and healthy option. There is no need for a pit rod nor flare ups to deal with. There is an internal smoker box that utilizes chips or pellets and doesn’t require a water pan to do so. A 25 pound turkey easily fits in this unit that measures 180 square inches. It is of an attractive design of porcelain coating on the hood and handles that are cool to the touch.

This infrared unit generates at least 65 percent infrared heat that spreads evenly across the cooking surface so as not to dry the food. The temperature can go from simmer to sear and in between.

The reviews on this fry unit were positive, for the most part. It was praised for the quickness and efficient cooking. Many commented on a variety of meats and fish they cooked with the fryer. It was stated that it was easy to clean and maintain too.

There was mention of rust on the underside and a few stated they have had uneven cooking at times, but one confessed the turkey in question had been frozen and perhaps had not totally defrosted.

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Cajun Injector Propane Gas Turkey and Seafood Fryer

This device has a 30-quart capacity that fries up to an 18 pound turkey. It is operated on propane. It has a bailing basket and a very sturdy base. It is a device that is good for steaming, frying and boiling. There is a thermometer with mounting brackets and a drain valve that eliminates mess and is a safety feature as well. The gas cylinder is not included, but it does come with the base of the pot, cast burner and has a wide handle-lifting hook.

The reviews on this product were decent. Some of those who reviewed wrote of having issues with the flames and others commented that the basket was small. The timer was also mentioned as an issue. It was said by many though that it was durable and that, despite the issues, made a fairly good fryer. Being sturdy was a big plus to many who reviewed especially due to the fact that flimsy legs could pose an extreme hazard.

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