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The ‘Zoom Town’ Boom: Vacation Homes on the Rise

Would you rather work from a cramped, studio apartment in the city with another building as your window view or take your Zoom calls from a spacious home surrounded by trees and mountains or an ocean with plenty of natural light? For many, that decision is an easy one.

The popularity — and necessity — of remote work arrangements in 2020 has sparked more interest in working from vacation destinations, or what some are calling “Zoom towns1.” Exclusive areas like Cape Cod, Aspen and the Hamptons as well as lesser known places such as Missoula, Montana and Truckee, California are becoming hot spots for those working from home and provide plenty of opportunities for socially distanced outdoor activities. High-end second homes that are drivable from major cities are also on the rise2, with homeowners wanting somewhere they can escape — whether to vacation or to work. Rental appeal3 of second-homes can be an important factor, with many buyers opting to rent when the home is not in use.

Whether it’s considered a vacation property or a second home, here’s what buyers and renters are likely to want:

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