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Top Tips for Great Grilling

One of the best things about a sunny spell is being outdoors and grilling with family and friends. Of course, there are responsibilities to safe grilling, so we have compiled some top tips for grilling to ensure that everyone has a safe, great time.

Set Up Away From Structures

The location of your grilling spot is crucial. Being too close to structures could be tempting fate and leaving you vulnerable to starting a fire. Obviously, a grill is made for outdoor use, but being outdoors doesn’t mean that it is safer than cooking in your home. Covered decks, overhanging branches, or anything potentially flammable such as dry plants or lattices should be kept as far away from your grilling station as possible. Every backyard is different, so you need to look carefully at your yard to ensure that you set up your grilling station in a safe spot.

Keep Your Grill Clean

One of the most basic things to do for excellent grilling is cleaning. When fat and buildup accumulates on the grill plates, it increases your risk of a grease fire, so cleaning is crucial. Use a wire brush to scrub your grill grates before you use your grill. Most of this debris will fall into the tray below the grill grates, so you need to remove this accumulation while the grill is completely cool.

Consider Your Clothing

While you may want to look your best when your outdoor entertaining, but your clothing should always be “safety first.” From the length of your clothing to the material used, you need to ensure that what you wear will not get in the way when you’re grilling. Avoid wearing long sleeves or clothing that could dangle and potentially catch fire. Since you’re likely to get warm working the grill, so keep your attire light and simple.

Be Extinguisher Ready

Before you even consider firing up your grill, you need to be ready to put out any fires. Whether this means keeping a fire extinguisher on hand or having a container of baking soda at your grilling station to tackle a grease fire, you need to be ready to contain any flames before they get seriously out of control.

More importantly, you need to know what you should not do. Improper fire tackling techniques such as pouring water over a grill fire can be highly dangerous, and you may cause oil to splash from the grill and spread. Work out a plan of action before you start to grill, so you can keep yourself and your guests protected in case a fire does occur.

Upgrade Your Grill

Finally, if you have a prehistoric grill, it is not only likely to be a messy cooker, but it could compromise your safety. So, if your grill has seen better days, it could be time for an upgrade. A new grill can make food prep easier with secret compartments to keep everything in your grill station organized.

In fact, new grill units can enhance your outdoor parties even more. There are units with griddle plates, so you can cook smaller items without the risk of them falling between the cracks.

While you’re upgrading your grill, consider installing outdoor Bluetooth speakers. This will allow you to hear your favorite tunes clearly outside without needing to move a boombox into your yard every time you entertain.

Grilling should be fun and uncomplicated, and with a little care and possibly an update, you can take the title of grill master in your social circle.

If you are considering updating your grill, you can explore your options with this collection of grilles, barbecues and outdoor kitchen appliances, or speak to an appliance expert for specialist advice and guidance.

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