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We Don’t Mince Words In Our Meat Grinder Reviews

Meat GrinderAre you still purchasing ground meat from the grocery store? Although this is a convenient way to make wholesome, family favorite dishes like spaghetti with meatballs, meatloaf with mashed potatoes, or a homemade sausage, you’re limited with what you can actually do. You have no control over fat content or how finely the meat has been ground. These meat grinder reviews will help you select an affordable appliance for your home so you can great your own ground meat.

To select the best meat grinder to meet your needs, you need quality information. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the chart below.

What Is a Meat Grinder?

This appliance does exactly what its name implies: it grinds meat. Why would you want to have such a tool in the kitchen? With a grinder, you’re able to create burgers, meatloafs, and other ground meat dishes with finer cuts of meat than are typically used to create grocery store ground products. Imagine having a ribeye burger or a pork loin meatloaf with lamb and turkey combined… you can quickly make dishes like these and many more just by grinding animal proteins together.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Meat Grinder?

The primary advantage that you’ll receive with this appliance in your kitchen is the ability to create better dishes without having to spend a lot to do it. Whole cuts of meat are often a better value at the grocery store than low fat ground meats, which means you can even improve your diet through the use of a quality meat grinder.

The best meat grinders will also give you the advantage of flavor variety. Animal protein absorbs herbs, spices, and flavors during the cooking process, but not after it has been completed. You can combine fresh herbs, a little salt, or your favorite marinade in with the meat as it is ground to create flavorful dishes that are difficult to replicate from already ground meat products.

The final advantage of using a good meat grinder is that you can use it to make your own sausages and other minced meat dishes like burgers. Just get some meat tubing from your favorite supplier, get your favorite sausage recipe, and then begin the grinding process. Both electrical and hand-cranked options will give you the flexibility that you need to create virtually anything in the kitchen.

How To Find the Best Meat Grinder

The materials and craftsmanship of the meat grinder should be your primary consideration. You’ll need an appliance that won’t tarnish, discolor, or leave plating materials in your meat as you’re grinding it. The craftsmanship also includes the quality of the blades that are being used to grind the meat, as stronger, sharper blades will give you a finer mincing cut for better overall cooking.

How you stabilize the meat grinder should also be a consideration. Most hand-cranked grinders will affix tightly to the counter via a vice or clamping method, by entry level models sometimes just sit on a level surface and you must control the stability. Electric meat grinders are the easiest to use as you simply feed the meat through the grinder, letting the appliance do all of the work for you. If you are using a cranking grinder, look for a quality handle that won’t deform when you have a tough cut to grind.

You’ll also want to quickly compare and contrast makes and models of this appliance to determine which one can best meet your needs. That’s where our fact-based product reviews can give you a tremendous advantage! You’ll be able to look at the stats of each product, compare prices, and see if the features and quality of any particular meat grinder is able to stand up to the rigors of your kitchen.

What You Should Know About Meat Grinders Right Now

Mincing meat might seem like a time-intensive chore, but it is one that will improve the quality of your dishes and potentially help you save money over the long term. Most of the ground meats that you get from your local grocery store are created from the leftovers of the animal after all of the prime cuts have been taken. When you own this kitchen appliance, you can begin grinding some of the leaner, better cuts of meat to improve your diet.

If you’re making some specific dishes that require some fat or lard, a meat grinder can also help you control the actual amount of fat that you include. You can add or remove fat as necessary to create the right conditions for cooking based on your specific needs. In many typical store-bought sausages, for example, fat content in the meat can exceed 50%. On the other hand, you can create your own products with 80% less fat.

So why mince meat beyond being able to have a burger to grill on a beautiful summer’s day? One of the most important reasons is about safe and healthy eating habits. There is a dramatic reduction of potential food allergens, including gluten, that can contaminate the meat. You’ll also reduce the risks of an E. Coli contamination in the meat because there is less risk of cross-contamination in a home kitchen compared to a grocery butcher station.

Grinding your own meat is also a way to make sure that you’re getting a fresh product instead of one that has passed its prime. It isn’t uncommon for ground meat to come from products that have passed their sell-by date or has been flash frozen to preserve its quality. There’s even the risk that your grocery ground meat could actually come from reprocessed meat byproducts that have been re-purposed for food – the “pink slime” meat that is often talked about.

Sometimes home chefs skip the grinding process because they’ve had difficulty getting a quality grind on their protein. If you have struggled with this, be sure to follow these three rules for a good grind, no matter what kind of appliance you’re using.

  1. Use firm cuts of meat. The firmer the animal protein happens to be, the better your grinding experience will be. Use the darker meats of poultry to grind instead of breast meat. Firm seafoods, like swordfish or tuna, can hold up to the grind process. Short ribs, butt roasts, and chuck also make for a good grinding experience.
  2. Use quality flavoring ingredients. Because you’re using a meat grinder for a fresh ground product, you’ll get better flavoring results from fresh herbs and spices than you will from dried, prepackaged items. If you do need to use pre-made flavors, go for short shelf-life items like minced garlic, capers, chives, or parsley.
  3. Chill your meat… and your grinder. To get the cleanest cut possible, you need to put your choice of protein and your equipment into the freezer before beginning. It shouldn’t be frozen, but it should feel firm to the touch. It generally takes about 15 minutes to prep meat that you’ve cut into 1 inch square cubes. The timing is the same for your grinding equipment.

The other debate about this useful kitchen appliance is whether or not one should invest into an electric meat grinder. A lot of this depends upon how much you anticipate using the grinder. If you are thinking about having a ground dish once a week at most, then you’re likely better off with a hand-cranked grinder to meet your needs. If you anticipate using your grinder more than this, then an electric grinder will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Safety is also a major concern with this appliance as it can quickly grind up a finger that gets stuck inside the machine. Instead of feeding meat through by hand with an electrical grinder, use some sort of press to push the meat through. For manual meat grinders, you’re controlling the mechanisms, so just be sure to keep your fingers free and clear from the grinding process.

The final consideration you’ll want to consider is in regards to the cleaning process. Because you’re working with raw meat in a grinder, it must be cleaned after every use to prevent contamination and reduce the risks of food-borne illnesses from occurring. Take apart your entire grinder to make sure you’ve removed all of the raw products from it after you’ve ground your meat before taking on another grind. Look for an appliance that is easy to take apart and clean to reduce the amount of time this chore takes.

What Are the Prices For Meat Grinders?

Meat grinders come in two basic forms: a manual grinder and an electric grinder. The manual grinders are the most budget friendly as you can often get a heavy duty grinder on a website like Amazon for less than $30. On the other hand, high quality electric grinders may cost above $150 as they have multiple grinding speeds and blades. For the average household, a good quality electric meat grinder can be had for about $75. 

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

Are you looking for a proven brand name to bring into your kitchen? With this Panasonic heavy duty meat grinder, you won’t be able to produce hundreds of pounds of ground meat per hour, but you will get an electric grinder that has a metal auger, hooper, and cutting blades made of stainless steel so you can have healthy proteins for your recipes.

It even runs efficiently and quietly so you’re not tempted to put on a pair of ear protectors when using this device.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Heavy Duty Meat Grinder.

LEM Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

The primary feature we really enjoyed with this particular meat grinder were the various stainless steel plates that were included with the device.

They’re really easy to use and give you a wide variety of grinding options that will give you a fine grind, a coarse grind, or allow you to stuff sausages or other similar meat products with ease. It even accommodates three different sizes of stuffing tubes, going up to 1.25 inches in size.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the LEM Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder.

Weston Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder

It’s no lie that it can produce upwards of 12 pounds of ground meat per minute thanks to a large throat that is nearly 3 full inches in diameter! It works on any standard household electrical circuit of 120v and weighs 60 pounds, so there won’t be any shifting around when you’re using this kitchen appliance!

It’s even strong enough to grind whole chickens without issue, including the bones. There are not many products where we’re fully satisfied with the product without a complaint or an improvement, but this is definitely one of them!

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Weston Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder.

Sunmile Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

The primary feature we really enjoyed with this meat grinder was the fact that the overhead tray has a nice capacity. This is definitely an advantage if you’re used to grinding one or two small chunks of meat at a time with smaller capacity machines!

You can keep this appliance humming along too thanks to the good ventilation that has been included around the motor. The grinder also has a max motor rating of 1000 watts so you can grind virtually anything without too much trouble.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Sunmile Stainless Steel Meat Grinder.

STX International Turboforce Meat Grinder

There are 3 basic speed settings on this meat grinder, but it’s the peak output power that is attractive. If you’ve ground meat before, you know how difficult it can be to make sure the appliance is working correctly on a tough cut of protein. It even comes with an attachment that is specifically designed for sausage tubing so you can make authentic butcher shop quality gourmet sausage at home!

If there was one improvement that could be made with this device, it would be in the gear components. Many of them are made from plastic, which means one missed bone is going to create problems for the machine and potentially blow it out.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the STX International Turboforce Meat Grinder.

If you’re ready to step up to the plate and begin making your own ground meat from home, then these are the best of the best grinders on the market today. These kitchen appliances will often pay for themselves in no time at all! Are you ready to discover a hidden talent with this kitchen tool?

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