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What’s Hot from Whirlpool Corporation with Jason Wilkinson


Jason Wilkinson
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Whirlpool Corporation
“Maytag® just launched a new front-load laundry pair with an Extra Power button. The Extra Power button boosts stain-fighting on every cycle. This is important because not everyone knows the right way to remove stains from their clothing. And so the Extra Power button does a lot of that work for you.”

“Another great, new product that Whirlpool Corporation is bringing to market is our KitchenAid® Smart Oven +. It’s the first oven in the industry to launch with powered attachments. It comes with a grill attachment, a baking stone and a steamer attachment — they’re all powered by a port inside the oven. This will very much appeal to your customers who are looking for a new way to enhance their cooking capabilities. These are new tools that only Whirlpool Corporation can offer them.”

“If you’re building homes for larger families, you may be interested in our new, connected Whirlpool® top-load line. Laundry’s a chore and this new line of products has done a great job taking steps out of the process with its Load & Go™ feature, which allows customers to do up to 20 loads of laundry without refilling the detergent. This allows kids to get into the process because they don’t have to actually fill the detergent each time — there’s no mess. It also features a pre-treat station so you don’t have to take your garments to a sink to work on those tough stains – you can do it right over the laundry. As it is top load, it is an extra-large capacity washer and an extra-large capacity dryer which will enable your customers to do all the laundry that they have.”

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