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Miele presents the new release of Miele Skill app for Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Miele domestic appliances communicate since 2017, but the latest update of the Miele Skill makes voice control even more convenient. The Miele Skill is a voice-controlled and cloud-based application for the Alexa voice assistant. Unlike a smartphone app, a Skill is not installed, but simply activated and controlled by voice […]

APPLiA withdraws its legal challenge before the EU General Court

APPLiA has decided to withdraw its legal challenge filed before the EU General Court in March 2020 after the European Commission has made significant amendments to the Energy Labelling Regulations published on December 5, 2019. The original set of legislation contained some inconsistencies between product groups and contradictions related to how product performance data would […]

Panasonic expands its business in Thailand

Panasonic Corporation announced its projects to accelerate new businesses in Thailand, starting in the new fiscal year that begins on April 1, 2021. The new strategy undertaken by Panasonic’s Life Solutions Company focuses on three key initiatives: expanding the product line of housing equipment; strengthening the air quality business; and entering into the modular construction […]

GfK records growing interest in smart appliances

According to GfK, the global Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) industry has inched back to 799 billion dollar (excluding North America), which is a 2% in the full year. Smart product segments performed better than average, resulting in a revival of 24% to 28 billion dollar across EU7 markets (Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, […]

Fabrizio Fanelli is the new head of European sales professional products of Olimpia Splendid

Fabrizio Fanelli Fabrizio Fanelli has been named head of European sales professional products of Olimpia Splendid, The manager has a solid international experience in business development and joined Olimpia Splendid with great plans for strengthening the brand in foreign markets. His career began in 1982 and ten years later, in 1992 he become sales director […]

New corporate website for GE Appliances

GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, has unveiled its new corporate website: Characterized by a modern and mobile-friendly design, the new website has been created to transmit the spirit of the company’s legacy and its evolution. «Our number one goal is to be and be recognized as the leading appliance manufacturer in the U.S., […]

Samsung brings its new 4-Door Flex refrigerators to global market

Three new models of 4-Door Flex refrigerator by Samsung arrive to global markets. The company announced the launch of the latest range including the Stainless Steel, Bespoke, and Family Hub™ refrigerators. Initially unveiled at CES 2021 in January, the 4-Door Flex launch will first kick off in North America in March with the Bespoke model, […]

UK announced a plan for a new home appliances regulation

UK government announced a plan for new energy efficiency legislation, according which fridges, washing machines and televisions will soon be cheaper to run, easier to repair and will last longer As written in Goverment website, ministers are set to introduce tough new rules for electrical products to tackle ‘premature obsolescence’ – a short lifespan deliberately […]

Award to Rowenta for its Effiwatts technology

The Effiwatts hair dryers by Rowenta have obtained the “Solar Impulse – Efficient Solution” label from the “Solar Impulse” foundation created by Bertrand Piccard (a Swiss psychiatrist and aviator, initiator of the “Solar Impulse”). This label is awarded by a committee of experts using a strict process to select 1,000 ecological solutions that are also […]

Whirlpool published its 2020 Sustainability Report

Whirlpool Corporation has recently published its 2020 Sustainability Report, reporting all the actions the company undertaked during the last year to reach its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets, and the progress in meeting its ambitious sustainability and Inclusion & Diversity targets. Whirlpool also highlighted the focus on the health and safety of its employees […]