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Thai Red Curry Recipe – Beef Red Curry Pressure Cooker Recipe

I absolutely love Thai red curry but for some reason I thought cooking curry would be difficult.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. The dish was easy to make and tasted just like a Thai restaurant meal. When I saw that Dad Cooks Dinner had made massaman curry in his pressure cooker, I knew we had to try it. Thai […]

Pressure Cooker Cranberry Orange Chicken – Reader Submitted Recipe

Cranberries are delicious. Ever since we made home-made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving we have been trying to include cranberries wherever we can. In recipes, dried on salads and in oatmeal, we forgot just how sweet and tangy they can be, which is why I was so excited when we got this recipe submission from one […]

200 Cookies in 40 Seconds – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our kitchen to yours. Our family had fun making over 200 cookies in a pre-Christmas butter-using gut-busting binge-inducing bake off. We patched together a quick video to help celebrate. No pressure cookers were used in the creation of these Christmas cookies, although we did consult with one first. Here’s a link to […]

Fagor Pressure Cooker Giveaway – Last Chance to Enter

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving last week. This is just a quick reminder that the contest for a FREE Fagor 6qt pressure cooker ends tonight at midnight. If you haven’t done so already you can enter at the contest page on our website. Good luck to all the entrants. The family Thanksgiving table. […]

Recipe for Stuffing – Homemade Stuffing with Sausage in a Pressure Cooker

There is heated debate over the terms for this bready side-dish. Is it “stuffing” or “dressing?” One of my friends always tells the funny story of how as a child his grandma asked him to bring the dressing to the table, so he got out the Ranch and Thousand Island. He was slightly confused because […]

Turkey Stock – Making Turkey Stock in a Pressure Cooker

Making homemade turkey stock with in a pressure cooker couldn’t get much simpler. If you are unfamiliar with making stocks or broths just think of extracting the flavors and nutrients from meats vegetables and spices, then draining away the solids for a perfect base for homemade soups or risotto. The ingredients are removed at the […]

How to Cook a Turkey in a Pressure Cooker – Our Adventure Cooking a Turkey in 1 Hour

As part of our Thanksgiving Challenge, we decided to try and figure out how to cook a turkey in our pressure cooker. It couldn’t be that hard… I mean a chicken is easy and a turkey is just an over-sized chicken, right? 🙂 It turns out this recipe was one of the hardest we’ve done […]

How to Make Mashed Potatoes – 6 Minute Pressure Cooker Recipe for Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are easy to make, but they can be tricky to get right. If you are boiling potatoes and leave them in large pieces they take a long time to cook. If you cut them small, they cook faster but can get a little water logged. Pressure cooking potatoes has several advantages: First, you don’t […]

The Great Thanksgiving Challenge – Free Pressure Cooker Giveaway

In the spirit of all things new and fun we are inviting you to the Great Thanksgiving Challenge. That’s right. Come on over and join us at the kid’s table for an elbows out non-boring small talk free haven of good food made fast. Ok, it’s not always about making things quick, but it is […]

Homemade Cranberry Sauce – Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe in 5 Minutes

In 1787, James Madison wrote Thomas Jefferson in France for background information on constitutional government. Jefferson replied by sending a number of books on the subject and in return asked for a gift of apples, pecans and cranberries. He must have wanted to make homemade cranberry sauce. Homemade cranberry sauce video recipe. (View all pressure […]